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(The logo of LiuRG is produced by aligning and injecting liquid molecules onto a solid surface)


The research of LiuRG focuses on the integration of coupled analysis (multiphysics and multiscale) and artificial intelligience approaches for geomaterials and geosystems.

LiuRG's coupled analysis includes multiphysics and multiscale simulation and innovative characterization of porous materials (Pivot: MoM). and their direct applications in Sustainability, Energy, Evironment, and Materials (SEEM).

research areas

Porous materials are ubiquitous, ranging from earth materials such as soils and rocks, man-made construction materials such as cement and asphalt, to more engineered materials such as nanotubes. Their unique feature, that is, a porous skeleton accomodating one or more fluids, makes them difficult materials to deal with and gives rise to scientific issues that are hard to understand. LiuRG believes that, despite the complexity, this common nature also does provide us a hint to understand the materials and the complicated processes in them. From a material perspective, we propose to understand the behavior of porous materials by revealing the scientific myths at different scales and their interconnections. From a process perspective, we suggest to deal with different phenomena with one unificed angle of view: multiphysics. The common nature of porous materials thus makes it possibleto integrate different knowledge fragments in traditional porous materials research into a knowledge platform. This platform technique enables us to investigate multidsciplinary puzzles and explore interdisciplinary innovations. In addition, once equiped with innovative characterization techniques such as state-of-the-art sensing algorithms, the MoM analyses are able to provide solutions to many issues regarding Sustainability, Energy, Evironment, and Materials (SEEM). SEEM therefore provides extensions to the core research interest of LiuRG, as well as testbeds and applications. The research of LiuRG will be conducted based on the knowledge accumulation on a typical porous materials, i.e., soils, and will be extended way beyond that. All applications in SEEM will be closed related to the core research and have immediate, significant, and/or profound implifications in various aspects of the our daily lives and in the far future of our planet.

Artificial intelligience studies are in progress with research funds from the National Science Foundation. A separate website will be developed to share the most recent findings.