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Ting was nominated for excellent teaching

Ting was nominated for the teaching award! He worked as a teaching assistant for the soil mechanics class for three semesters since he joined Tech. In each semester, he taught two lab sessions and graded the students' lab reports. Michigan Tech is well known and also proud of its high-quality undergraduate education. LiuRG will continue contributing to that.

Dr. Liu delivered a presentation at UMich

Dr. Liu visited the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor and delivered to a presentation on the history, state of the art, and trend on multiphysics and multiscale studies in geotechnical engineering in March 2016. Dr. Liu also met with Drs. Richard Woods, Dr. Roman Hryciw, and Dr. Radoslaw Michalowski. Thank Xunchang, Junxing and Zhijie for the help.

Dr. Liu attended Geo-Structure Conference

Dr. Liu attended the 2016 Geo-Structure Conference in Phoenix, Arizona. Dr. Liu also participated in a short-course for instrumentation in soils and structures.

LiuRG members attended TRB 2016

Dr. Liu and Ting attended TRB 2016 in Washington D.C. in January. Ting presented his work on bridge scour detection based on the natural frequency spectrum and received a travel grant from the Graduate Student Government of Michigan Tech for the trip.

Dr. Liu was invited to deliever a talk at UM Amherst

Dr. Liu delievered a talk on the concept of multiscale-driven multiphysics and its implications in the traditional geotechnical studies at the University of Massachusetts Amherst in October, 2015. Thank Drs. Chang, De Groot, and Zhang for the invitation and reception.

Dr. Liu attended GeoCongress 2015

Dr. Liu attended GeoCongress in San Anotinio in Texas from Mar. 10 to Mar. 16 to present a study on exploring mine water as a low-enthalpy geothermal reservior.

LiuRG Members Attended TRB 2015

LiuRG members attended the 94th Transportation Annual Conference in D.C. from Jan. 11 to Jan. 15 to deliever two presentations on bridge scour detection based on frequency specturm and numerical modeling of corroded fiber-enforced sturcture component under seismic loading, respectively.

LiuRG Members Attended the Mid-Continent Transportation Research Conference

Dr. Liu, Chao and Ting attended the Mid-Continent Transportation Research Conference in Madison, Wisconsin. Dr. Liu also visited the labs in geotechnical and geological programs at UW in Madison.

A Renewable Energy Lab is Coming Soon!

A new lab tagged with renewable energy is currently under construction. This lab is characterizaed by the hybrid utilization, innovative management, and real-time monitoring of wind, solar, and geothermal energy. All the research is implemented in a real family house...

Dr. Zhen Liu Visited ONR, NSF, and NIH

Dr. Liu visited several funding agencies in D.C. including ONR, NSF, and NIH with financial support from the Vice Present Research Office of MTU...