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LiuRG is willing to share data with the academic communities on the premise of protecting the privacy and benefits of our supporters and colloaborators and without violating relevant laws, regulations, and ethics. Some typical data are organized in the following sections.

Spirit of sharing data

A Porous Material Database

Both conventional and innovative experiments have been conducted with the following porous materials. Related results will be reported once analyzed and organized.

aluminum powder
silicon powder
Wet Foam Blocks 2-7/8"X3-7/8"X8-7/8" 2/Pkg-Green
Sonic Barrier 1" Acoustic Foam w/PSA 18" x 24"
24 Pack Acoustic Wedge Studio Soundproofing Foam Wall Tiles 12" X 12" X 2" (High Density) Made in USA
Applegate Acoustical Cotton Batts, 2 inch, Case of 6
mica powder
black iron oxide
red iron oxide - Fe2O3
copper oxide
dolomite powder

Phase Composition Curves of Various Porous Materials

PCC data on the above porous material database are being collected.


Dynamic Response of Soil-Structure Systems

Lab and field testing has been going on while real-time monitoring is planned. Updates will be offered.

Lab Data


Field Data




Data from Conventional Geotech Labs

Numerous data have been collected in conventional geotech labs. These data will be shared to complement other online data base such as http://www.geotechdata.info.


Capillary Rise Data

Capillary rise data for soils are very rare. Some typical data will be published here later.