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K-12 Education

LiuRG takes the successful involvement in K-12 educational activities as a major criterion for gauging the success of the group. Effort has been made via NSF proposals and relevant programs at Michigan Tech.

Center for Science and Environmental Outreach Programs

Liurg has been working with Joan Chadde from the Science and Environmental Outreach on various K-12 educational and outreach programs. In a recent event, Liurg members helped with an adventure for 20 Detroit high school students who want to explore careers in natural resources, environmental science and engineering: forestry; wildlife; water quality; Great Lakes; environmental, and civil and mechanical engineering!

Several students were interviewed by the Daily Mining Gazette--see attached news article that was the headline story this past Wednesday. Other students were interviewed by TV6 which aired last Wednesday. You can read the TV6 story (also attached) here: http://www.uppermichiganssource.com/news/story.aspx?id=1218947#.VYSJSfkViL0. Here is a story on the Michigan Tech College of Engineering webpage with some photos: http://www.mtu.edu/engineering/.

SYP Orientation


Summer Youth Programs

Summer Youth Programs is a division of the Center for Pre-College Outreach at Michigan Technological University, and we offer students an opportunity to experience a miniature version of college life. Students live in our full-service residence hall, eat in the dining hall, and participate in their chosen exploration. The programs have been serving the K12 students across the country for over 40 years with contributions from Michigan Tech faculty, students, role models, and other professionals. This pre-College Explorations (middle and high school) and Competitive Scholarship Programs (high school) built around activities, field trips, and team projects. SYP offers a variety of camps and explorations to choose from-in business, computing, engineering, humanities, leadership, social sciences, outdoor and environmental studies, and science and technology. Nearly 1,000 students come to Michigan Tech's campus each year from throughout the country and around the world-Puerto Rico, Japan, South Korea, Canada, and Sweden, and so on.

SYP Orientation

LiuRG will be offering a new short course with the Center for Pre-College Outreach to introduce the art of computer modeling starting in the summer of 2016 and thereafter. The course will introduce basic concepts of computer modeling to the students. Also, hand-on experiences will be provided for using typical numerical simulation tools for computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing purposes. Corresponding lab sessions will also be provided to show the students how to validate the simulation results. SYP is committed to assist LiuRG in identifying highly motivated K12 students, especially women and minority students, to participate in this educational event. But participation will be attempted in since the summer of 2015 to gain experience on that.