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CE3810: CE 3810-0A Soil Mechanics for Engineers


Course Description/Overview

The course is an introductory course to the field of soil mechanics also known as geotechnical engineering.  The course applies the fields of geology and mechanics in solving basic soil and in some cases rock engineering problems.  It is designed for students in the fields of civil, environmental, geological, mining and surveying.  An important aspect of the course is the laboratory component that reinforces the lecture material and also provides the student with experience in conducting a number of important soil and rock tests. In addition, the course develops the terminology and descriptions common to the field of geotechnical engineering.  Topics include soil formation and identification, compaction characteristics, fluid flow concepts, compressibility and strength as well as methods of determining geostatic stresses and stress changes due to boundary loadings

Course Learning Objectives

There are two levels of learning objectives for this course.  The first level is the overall objectives.  The second level incorporates the detailed objectives.  These objectives are provided below:

General Objectives:


Detailed Objectives


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