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Computer Programs

Many programs in Matlab, C/C++, Fortran and Python and script/input files for other open-source/commercial software have been generated and more are under way. But unfortunately, we have not got enough time to annotate those programs or scripts. We will pick those which we think will be of broad interest and upload them here with clear annotations and user manuals. It is hard predict the release time, depending on the research arrangements and availability of the group members. But you are welcome to check back. A list of possible programs and script files is as follows:

Pore size distribution to water characteristic curves

Curve fitting for phase composition curves

Prediction of phase composition curves

Contact angle prediction based on a modified capillary rise method

Holistic freezing soil simulations

Discontinuous Galerkin solver for freezing soils

Scour prediction with dynamic responses

Molecular dynamics for phase interactions

A general 2D finite volume platform

Various 1D and 2D finite difference code

Nonisothermal Extended Finite Element

OpenFOAM THMC solver